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Local Job Openings

Are you a student looking for a job to get you through college? Are you an employer needing an employee? The Career Center at Meridian Community College can help you! We post jobs for businesses here, this is a free service and we have resources for students to help you find a job. If you are looking for job opportunities at MCC click here.  

Listed are job opportunities that area employers need filled. Click on a category that interest you.

Employers Post a Position

    BUSINESS: Wayne General Hospital
    HOURS: Nights, 7 on and 7 off schedule starting on Thursday working through the following Wednesday, mostly 12 hour shifts
    DESCRIPTION: General Lab Tech position for an 80 bed acute care hospital with an ER, ICU, OB and general Med/Surg floors.
    APPLY: Please apply online at outgoing link, click the word "careers" on the top right of the page when you get to our website and it takes you to the application section, you may also submit a resume on that page too via my direct email.

  • JOB TITLE: Food Preparer/Cook
    BUSINESS: The Little Griddle
    DESCRIPTION: Customer service experience is required. Must be able to pay attention to detail of orders and put together accordingly. Must be able to keep up in a fast paced atmosphere. Cooking experience is a plus, but not required.
    This is a part time position, work hours will be discussed during interview.
    APPLY: Please email resume to
  • JOB TITLE: Kitchen Staff
    BUSINESS: Cater's Market 
    DESCRIPTION: We are looking for someone  part-time to work in our kitchen as a line cook, chopping, making casseroles, salads, etc. Rate of pay: $10/hr. Hrs: Tuesday-Friday, 8am-3pm. 
    APPLY: Call: 601.482.5515
    BUSINESS: Cater's Market
    SALARY: $10 Hr.
    Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-3pm
    Part-time. Waiting on customers and taking orders. Hrs: Tuesday-Friday, 8am-3pm. 
    APPLY: In person at Cater's Market.
     equipment and work areas. Maintains accurate food inventories and rotates stock items to prevent spoilage. Performs other related duties as required. May be required to maintain a change fund and operate a point of sale.

  • JOB TITLE: Part Time Reach Truck/Stand-Up Forklift Operator
    VanZyverden, Inc.
    Out of Season
    Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    In Season

    Monday - Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
    This is a seasonal Reach Truck/Stand-Up Forklift Operator position. Our warehouse/production operation has an immediate opening for Reach Truck Operators to move loads around the facility. Your duties may include unloading products at the trucking bay, scanning all incoming goods, and storing them in the appropriate section of the warehouse. Some of the driving tasks will be in or near a fast-work-paced assembly operation. Thus, safe operation of the equipment is an absolute necessity. Our ideal candidate has a reach truck certification, but anyone that has forklift experience or a background as a pallet jack driver is welcome to apply. We prefer several years of general warehouse experience and good organizational skills.
    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Unload incoming shipments
    • Scan and document all shipments
    • Move and organize our inventory in the warehouse
    • Report any damages or shipping issues
    • Load outgoing shipments onto trucks
    Requirements and Qualifications
    • High school diploma or GED certificate -  Preferred
    • Reach truck or forklift operator license - Preferred
    • Experience with a similar vehicle, such as a cherry picker
    • Organizational skills - Preferred
    Notes: Applicants must be able to pass an onsite Reach Truck/Stand-up Forklift driving test.
    Also, all applicants offered a job will be drug tested and must passed the drug test in order to be hired as a driver.

    Apply: Applicants may email their resumes to or come by the Company and fill out an application - 8079 Van Zyverden Road, Meridian, MS 39305.
  • JOB TITLE: Forklift
    Monday thru Friday 8am - 4:30 pm - Regular Schedule
    Monday thru Saturday 8am - 4:30 pm
    This is a seasonal forklift driver position. Many of the driving tasks will be in or near a fast-paced assembly operation. Safe operation of the forklift is an absolute necessity. Below are the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities for this position:
    • Move merchandise from one place to another using the forklift
    • Operate other mechanical devices and/or other controls
    that operate lifting devices - as needed
    • Load, unload, move, and pack materials
    • Inspect products to be moved for accuracy, and safely move them to warehouse or other designated location
    • Load and offload materials onto and off pallets skids, and trucks
    • Place the forklift and other lifting tools over, under, or around loaded boxes, pallets, or skids
    • Ensure that materials loaded to be transported are secure, then safely moved to designated areas
    • Observe and comply with quality, environment, health, and safety procedures
    • Ensure that the products are properly stacked
    • Stack and empty inbound shipments and perform quality check on all of the merchandise
    • Carry out regular check and maintenance on the forklift and other control equipment
    • Recognize and report mechanical and electrical flaws to the warehouse manager
    • Manually pack merchandise in the stockroom, warehouse, etc.
    • Move item from the stockroom to different units inside the organization either utilizing the forklift or by hand
    • Pack and move different things other than products as instructed by the supervisor
    • Move wastes, chemicals and other items using the forklift
    • Carry out routine checks on the forklift and other devices
    • Report to the warehouse manager or supervisor
    High School, GED or higher preferred.
    Minimum of 2 years driving experience loading and unloading trucks - preferred.
    Applicants must be able to pass an onsite forklift driving test.
    Applicants may email their resumes to or come by the Company and fill out an application - 8079 Van Zyverden Road, Meridian, MS 39305.
  • Job Title: Estimator
    Company: Gipson Steel, Inc.
    Hours: Monday-Thursday, 7am-3:30pm; Friday, 7am-3:30pm
    Description:  We are looking for a structural steel estimator and prefer a candidate with at least five (5) years of steel estimating experience. However, we would review all candidates with experience, as well as those with higher education in an applicable program of study, e.g., Engineering Technology, Construction Engineering, Drafting & Design, Project Management, etc.
    Apply: Online at outgoing link or at 2770 Sellers Drive, Meridian, MS

  • Job Title: PC TECHNICIAN
    Monday-Friday; 8am-5pm
    Techs will be working in a hospital or clinics deploying hardware including PC's, laptops, WOWs (workstation on wheels), printers, barcode scanners, and e-signature pads.
    Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. Must be comfortable working in a hospital and wearing a mask 100% of the time.
    Top skills desired are:
    1. PC hardware deployment
    2. Hardware installation and connecting
    3. Windows 10
    Reliable transportation must be reliable as the technicians will be traveling throughout the Meridian are up to 1 hour away at times. Mileage is reimbursed.
    Applicants can email me their resume to or 504-723-0151.
  • JOB TITLE: Structural Steel Estimator
    Gipson Steel, Inc.
    Monday-Thursday, 7am-5:30pm; Friday, 7am-3:30pm
    Develop new and maintain existing customer relationships in the steel fabrication industry with general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and vendors
    • Download bid documents, read and interpret job bid information, blueprints and detailed specifications
    • Prepare or review take off of materials to be included in project, estimate necessary labor, detailing, buyout items, freight, etc. to prepare accurate price estimate
    • Prepare price estimate for requested change orders on existing contracts
    • Submit bids to customers, negotiate and complete sales process to obtain work
    • Participate in pre-bid meetings and or site visits as required
    Apply: Email resume to: or fax resume to: 601.485.5119

  • JOB TITLE: Personal Assistant
    Salary: $9.50/hr
    Company: Team LC
    What is Team LC?
    Team LC is made up of a group of Personal Care Assistants who act as Lauren's hands and feet. Lauren depends on these individuals and her family for everything. Since the quality and presence of caregivers directly affects her quality of life, it is important to have dedicated, conscientious, efficient, dependable, and personable individuals to work with Lauren. The blessing and reward is great when people of this caliber are on the team.
    How is Team LC Paid?
    The Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services (MDRS) is a state run organization of which Lauren is a client. It is through MDRS that her assistants are paid $9.50 per hour.
    The following list of tasks is not exhaustive. These and other tasks may be required as determined by needs and circumstances.
    Personal Care
    Driving van, Transfers/Hoyer lift, positioning, Assistance using bathroom/toilet, feminine hygiene, Feeding, Assistance with continual hydration, Showering, Shaving, make-up & hair, Oral Care, Skin Care, Putting in & removing contacts, Dressing, Nail Care, Assistance with medical needs
    Interfacing with social media, Check and respond to calendar/emails, Present completed timesheets, Managing correspondence, Filling out forms & applications, Managing receipts & expenditures, Digital photography, Organizing files,  Scheduling appointments, Errands, Project management/completion, Travel planning
    Laundry, Linen change, Trash removal, Straightening up & putting things away, Organizing room, bathroom, closet, & office  
    Vacuuming, Dusting, Sweeping, Cooking & baking, Making coffee, Cleaning van
    Apply: Please apply by filling out the job application on our website, This job application can be found by selecting the "Apply" option located at the top of our website. 

  • JOB TITLE: Maintenance Man
    Company: Atlas Roofing
    Hours: Rotating Days and Shifts - 24 hour operation.
    Description: Maintenance Mechanic “A” Primary Responsibilities
    •Must follow all plant safety and PPE requirements.
    •Responsible for installing, repairing, adjusting, troubleshooting and performing preventative maintenance on all types of plant equipment and facility.
    •Inspect, dismantle, repair, replace, install, clean and assemble as necessary to maintain equipment/buildings as necessary.
    •Use various types of meters and testing equipment.
    •Troubleshoot and communicate effectively with supervision and engineering team.
    •Interpret blue prints.
    •Performs daily inspections and maintains repair logs.
    Maintenance Mechanic “A” Experience
    •Minimum 2 years verifiable mechanical experience in a manufacturing environment
    •One (1) year as a Class “B” Maintenance Mechanic and One (1) year as a Class “C” Maintenance Mechanic
    Apply on Indeed outbound link: Look for Industrial Mechanic "A" or at Atlas Roofing Corporation, 2322 Valley Road, Meridian, MS 39307
  • JOB TITLE: Cashiers
    Company: Mr. Discount Drugs
    Hours: Could be Monday-Sunday; any times from 8am-8pm. Full time position.
    Description: Waiting on customers and ringing them up on computer cash register.
    Able to count back money in US currency.
    Being able to use keyboard preferred.
    Apply:  Pick up application at Mr. Discount Drugs #1 on 14th Street in Meridian.
  • JOB TITLE: Shift Electrician "A"
    Company: Atlas Roofing
    Hours: Rotating days and shifts 24 hour operation
    Description:  Shift Electrician “A”
    Primary Responsibilities:
    Must follow all plant, safety and PPE rules. Responsible for installing, calibrating, repairing, designing, constructing, adjusting, modifying and performing preventative maintenance on all types of electrical equipment; Performs daily inspection of all electronic devises necessary for machine performance and data collection to produce a quality product; Maintains daily shift inspection and repair logs for supervision review; Analyzes and reviews wiring diagrams, blueprints and schematics; Uses various meters and test equipment proficiently in troubleshooting process; Troubleshoots, locates and isolates problems associated with production line; Maintains plant instrumentation such as heat controllers, recording devices, transmitters, level and flow control devices.

    Minimum 2 years verifiable electrical experience in a manufacturing environment; One (1) year as a Class “B” Electrician and One (1) year as a Class “C” Electrician.
    Apply through Indeed outbound link: Look for Shift Electrician "A" or @ Atlas Roofing Corporation, 2322 Valley Road, MS 39307
  • JOB TITLE: Fabric Worker
    Company: Navy Exchange
    Job Number: 20000211
    Hours: Part-time
    Description: Modifies alters and repairs clothing. Responsible for the placement arrangement and handling of military ornamentation on all kinds of articles of uniforms. May receive articles to be laundered or dry cleaned.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    Makes alternations and repairs to uniform and civilian garments such as pinning and basting trimming lengthening and shortening sleeves taking in and letting out waists of jackets replacing zippers lowering collars replacing pockets shortening and lengthening pants tapering skirts sewing on ratings and stripes etc.
    Takes customer body measurements for purposes of ensuring proper garment fit. Receives special orders from patrons requiring the affixing of medals ribbons badges devices ratings etc.
    Patrons selects appropriate items from a very large assortment of such insignia for military personnel.
    Measures the correct placement of items to be affixed marks trims bastes and presses upon completion.
    Mounts medals and sews items on uniform as appropriate. Operates a sewing machine and maintains working area in clean and orderly condition.
    Receives from authorized patrons garments articles to be laundered and dry cleaned. Completes Laundry/Dry Cleaning tickets by name social security number date and price utilizing price list.
    Stacks into laundry bags from pickup. Receives tickets from patrons for pickup of cleaned articles.
    Checks to ensure tickets presented matches ticket number on article cleaned.
    Turns over articles to patron and collects monies. Operates a cash register and is responsible for own cash fund.
    Prepares Daily Salesperson's Cash Report. Requisitions and maintains adequate supply of stock at all times.
    Maintains working area in a clean and orderly manner and assists in inventory taking.
    Exercises tact good manners and courtesy when serving and assisting customers. This is expressed by tactfully responding to patron inquiries and assisting patrons in a prompt and friendly manner.
    Performs other related duties as assigned.

    PHYSICAL EFFORT Usually stands stoops bends and kneels to measure and mark items being altered. Sits for long periods of time while operating sewing machine or doing hand sewing. Continual use of hands arms and fingers is required in sewing and using shears.

    WORKING CONDITIONS Works in enclosed areas that are adequately lighted ventilated and heated. Subject to punctures scratches and other minor injuries from needles or minor irritations from materials treated with special finishes. Also subject to noise from sewing machine

    GENERAL EXPERIENCE One year of experience that provided the applicant with knowledge and skill to carry out basic modifications alterations and repair of clothing.

    SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION FOR EXPERIENCE One year of high school education may be substituted for 3 months of general experience up to a High School Diploma or GED for one year of general experience.

    SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE One year of experience that provided the applicant with the knowledge and skill in the use of a sewing machine to perform alternations and repairs to garments such as pinning and basting trimming lengthening and shortening sleeves taking in and letting out waists of jackets replacing zippers lowering collars replacing pockets shortening and lengthening pants tapering skirts sewing on ratings and stripes etc. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS Usually stands stoops bends and kneels to measure and mark items being altered. Sits for long periods of time while operating sewing machine or doing hand sewing. Continual use of hands arms and fingers is required in sewing and using shears.
    Apply: Must apply Apply online outgoing link
  • Job Title: Vending Supervisor
    Job Number: 210000GD
    Company: Navy Exchange
    Salary: $12-$15
    Description:  Supervises the vending operations through subordinate staff ensures the maintenance and operation of vending and money changing machines are functional and area are clean Performs a multitude of administrative functions in connection with supervisory responsibilities and oversight of designated vending operations including but not limited to preparing reports and maintaining files.

    To Include other retail services such as Tailoring, Dry Cleaning, Back up payroll and assist on the sales floor.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    Supervises associates engaged in the inspection and replenishment of various merchandise products for vending and/or a Micro Market operation preparation of merchandise transfers the relocation and installation at locations collection of monies from machines cleaning vending machines and surrounding area ensure merchandise is received and where applicable accounted for at a Micro Market.
    Ensures economical use and protection of supplies tools equipment and cash.
    Trains subordinates in proper procedures and technical aspects of the vending operations and assures safety and housekeeping rules are followed.
    Determines the need for equipment and supplies and assures an adequate stock is maintained.
    Prepares reports including but not limited to statistical and financial data updates and responds to inquiries regarding the business.
    Conducting periodic inventory of supplies and equipment determines discrepancies or short and damaged items and accounts for all merchandise in stock and transferred items etc. and notifies management of inventory discrepancies.
    Establishes and implements changes to work schedules and sequence of operations for staff in order to ensure adequate staffing for all designated vending areas including Micro Markets where applicable.
    Counsels employees and initiates disciplinary actions when necessary. Evaluates work performance of subordinate staff and approves/disapproves leave.
    Prepares Requisition of required parts for procurement. Maintains stock of parts tools and equipment ensuring tools are properly protected to prevent rusting and loss. Also maintains service and technical manuals up-to-date. Manages sub custodies to commands if needed and conducts audits every six and twelve months in accordance with NEXCOM policy.
    Ensures open communication to base commands via attending welcome aboard meetings meeting with base commands when needed to acquire command needs and expectations.
    May be required to fill in when associates are unable to work to ensure the service to vending machines and micro markets is not interrupted.
    Performs other related duties as assigned.
    The incumbent of this position may file a Financial Disclosure Report OGE Form 450 as required.

    1. Must possess a valid state drivers license.
    2. Must possess the knowledge and skills necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely.
    3. Must pass appropriate background checks for the specific area of responsibility e.g. Federal DOD Security Clearance etc..
    4. Pass the GSA defensive driving course
    Apply: Must apply online outgoing link
  • Job Title: Maintenance Technician
    Hours: Monday-Friday; scheduled on call after hours & some weekends
    Description: Apartment Maintenance:

    HVAC repairs and installation, light electrical duties, basic plumbing, general building maintenance, and troubleshooting, make readies, pool maintenance, and the ability to take call for emergency/after-hours calls.

    Position requires at least 2 years’ experience
    Work Hours: 40 hours per week. Weekends as circumstances warrant; on-call on a rotating basis and for emergencies.
    High school diploma or equivalent
    Customer service experience
    CPO certificate a plus.
    Apply: Email a resume to
    Call us at 601.621.4927
  • Job Title: Sign Maker Visual Sign Maker
    Job Number: 200003GS
    Company: Navy Exchange
    Description: Primary Location: United States-Mississippi-Meridian
    Organization: Meridian
    Job Summary:
    Grade: NF02, Salary Code N/A. Responsible for electronically printing point-of-purchase signs ensuring proper and timely installation of signs and collateral materials on NEX sales floor. Assists in setting up displays as necessary and maintaining related records.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    Receives requisitions from Exchange departments for specific sign printing projects. Operates electronic sign machine delivers completed signs to requesting department and assists with their installation.
    May use collateral equipment such as laminators electronic vinyl letter cutters hot wire cutter etc. in the preparation and finishing of signing and sales promotion collateral materials.
    Electronically prints point of purchase signs for sales promotion events and policy signing upon receipt of electronic transmission and as directed by immediate supervisor NEXCOM Visual Merchandising Branch.
    Ensures NEXCOMs downloaded and printed point of purchase signs are efficiently sorted by department delivered to appropriate sales floor staff and signing is correctly posted in proper sign holders immediately prior to start of sales promotion events.
    Ensures all outdated point of purchase signs and related collateral materials are removed immediately upon completion of applicable sales promotion events.
    Periodically checks signs and decals on display for accuracy and neatness etc..
    Promptly replaces inaccurate outdated unattractive or improperly formatted signs when necessary.
    Advises sales floor personnel in correct display and formats of point of purchase signs to suit particular merchandise of presentation needs. Ensures proper sign holder and promotional aids are available in good condition and used correctly.
    Maintains records/logs on sign making services provided. Procures materials and supplies needed to fulfill sign making assignments. Responsible for cleaning equipment and insures proper care and storage of display sign equipment and materials.
    Maintains working area in a clean and orderly condition.
    Assists in assembling disassembling displays fixtures shelves counters and apparel racks etc. as directed.
    Works under the general supervision of a designated supervisor.
    Carries out assignments in accordance with prescribed procedures and instructions and follows NEXCOM Visual Merchandising policies.
    Work is reviewed in terms of timeliness compliance with instructions given and overall effectiveness of signs prepared.
    Performs other related duties as assigned

    GENERAL EXPERIENCE Two and half years of responsible experience which demonstrated possession of the necessary mechanical skills required of the position to be filled. Such experience may have been gained in operation of sign machines show card printing graphics or illustration. A thorough knowledge of the equipment setup adjustment operating procedures and a corresponding level of skill to set up operate and adjust the equipment. Candidates overall background and work history should indicate positive evidence to perform sign making work.

    OR SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION FOR EXPERIENCE One 1 year of academic study above the high school level may be substituted for each year of general experience.
    Apply: Must apply online outgoing link
  • Job Title: Barber
    Job Number: 210000GF
    Salary: $11.50
    Company: Navy Exchange
    Description: Job Summary: Performs a variety of barbering services at a main branch or location haircare facility for authorized military and civilian personnel.

    Duties and Responsibilities: Provides barbering hair care services for clients which include shampooing and conditioning cutting shaping sideburns nape of neck middle and top part of the head into various haircuts and styles to suit client shaves face styles mustache and beard. Massages neck face and scalp. Checks clients scalp and hair for visible disorders such as sores abrasions diseases which might interfere with requested barbering services.

    Consults with client on matters pertaining to their hair care needs. Maintains combs in solution and sanitizes equipment in chemical or physical agent.
    Responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of designated work station and shop. Makes necessary preparations for shampoo and towels to be used to minimize delay of customer services. Makes minor repairs on equipment such as replacing switches plugs and cords etc.
    Operates cash register prepares hair care chits collects and accounts for cash received from clients balances daily sales using Salesperson's Daily Cash Report. Sells hair care products to clients and maintains Daily Appointment Book by name of client time and Stylist/Barber assigned.
    May open and close shop. Assists with monthly inventory. Carries out policy of courtesy and customer service. Ensures 100 client satisfaction. Works under the general supervision of a designated supervisor.
    Carries out assignments with independence within prescribed policies and procedures exercises tact in dealing with clients. Work is reviewed in terms of quality of services provided and client satisfaction achieved.
    Performs other related duties as assigned.
    PHYSICAL EFFORT: Requires continual use of both arms and legs which involves frequent standing reaching and light lifting. Objects handled such as beauty service apparatus appliances etc. seldom weigh in excess of 5 pounds. Dexterity is required in applying manual techniques.

    WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed inside a haircare facility with proper lighting sufficient plumbing and heating adequate aisle space strong water pressure plenty of hot water adequate electric power and outlets for appliances and apparatus. Incumbent is subject to the possibility of cuts burns strains and electric shock and is exposed to hair cuttings skin conditions common colds and communicable diseases. Is required to wear a smock wash hands thoroughly and frequently with soap and water sanitize barbering tools after each use.

    MINIMUM QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Graduate of an accredited school of barber culture or cosmetology and possession of a valid State License in Barbering or cosmetology

    EDUCATION AND LICENSE: Graduate of an accredited school of barber culture or cosmetology and possession of a valid State License in Barbering or Cosmetology. Candidates selected for hire who possess a U.S. State License in Cosmetology from a State other than the State the position is located must obtain a valid State License in Barbering or Cosmetology in the State the position is located within six months from the date of hire.

    PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Continual use of both arms and legs involving frequent standing reaching and light lifting. Objects handled such as barber service apparatus appliances etc.
    Apply: Must apply online outgoing link
  • Job Title: Lead Sales Clerk
    Job Number: 210000GC
    Company: Navy Exchange
    Salary:  $9.00
    Description: Serves as a working leader for a minimum of three 3 or more associates engaged in selling merchandise reordering stocking displaying record keeping and inventory taking.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    Carries out policy of courtesy and service. Recognizing the importance of genuine obvious and active attention to patrons in a retailing and services organization exercises tact good manners and courtesy when serving and assisting customers and fellow associates. Sets the pace and gives work direction to sales associates performing functions such as selling merchandise and assisting customers in the selection of merchandise. Advises on new or related items in which customers may be interested. Assists in training new associates and answers their questions on procedures and other aspects of the operation.

    Ensures that work schedules and priorities are adhered to and keeps supervisor informed of the status and progress of work assignments. Sells merchandise and assists customers in the selection of merchandise. Advises on new or related items in which customers may be interested. Assists customers in the location of items not readily seen.
    Operates cash register according to established cash control procedures and is responsible for own cash change fund. Completes daily cash reports and ensures proper balance.
    Demonstrates to other customer service associates how to operate a cash register according to established cash control procedures.
    Displays merchandise in accordance with instructions received replenishes stock and ensures that sales area is kept in a clean and orderly manner. Reorders merchandise and advises supervisor of slow moving and damaged items. When serving in a softlines department presses wrinkles out of clothing utilizing a steamer before placing on hangers and arranging on racks according to size.
    Takes inventory at required intervals and periodic stock counts prices merchandise. May be assigned video tape rental duties including opening customer accounts completing required rental forms and handling customer complaints inquiries etc. Assists supervisory sales associate as required and maintains continuity of operations in his/her absence.
    Performs other related duties as assigned

    GENERAL EXPERIENCE: 6 months responsible experience in clerical office or retail sales store work of any kind in which the applicant has demonstrated the ability to perform satisfactorily in the position to be filled.

    SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION FOR EXPERIENCE: Graduation from a full 4 year or senior high school or possession of a General Education Development High School Equivalency Certificate GED may be substituted for the experience requirements.
    Apply: Must apply online outgoing link
  • Job Title: Customer Service Specialist
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
    Description: Answering office telephone and assisting customers with simple issues; filing; assisting office manager with office tasks; computer skills. We are looking for someone to provide a" Chick-Fil-A level" of customer service- exceedingly helpful and polite.
    Apply: Mail resume to: Customer Service Position, PO Box 3837, Meridian, MS 39303
  • Job Title: Account Manager
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am5pm
    Description: Manage customer account information for accuracy; interact with customers over email and telephone regarding all aspects of account, including billing and payment. Must have excellent organizational skills and excellent customer service skills. An awareness of customer confidentiality is required, as customer's secure information is handled frequently.
    Apply: Mail resume to: Account Manager Position, PO Box 3837, Meridian, MS 39303
  • JOB TITLE: Part-Time Program Operations Support
    Company: Meridian Freedom Project
    The Meridian Freedom Project is a program of Meridian Community College and operated in partnership with The Montgomery Institute. The Meridian Freedom Project (est 2014) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to educational excellence and leadership development. We use the history and spirit of the 1960s freedom struggle to motivate young people to become capable and compassionate leaders in their communities.

    Job Announcement: The Freedom Project seeks a highly motivated, dynamic individual with strong organization, time management, and communication skills to serve in an exciting part-time Program Support Role. A background in education and/or student leadership is strongly preferred.  Please email your resume and cover letter to  to be considered for this job. Compensation is commensurate with experience. NOTE: All employees must pass a thorough and comprehensive background check.
    Description: Program Support, Part-Time
    This role is responsible for, but not limited to: assisting the Director and Program Director(s) in the development and execution of all programming and any obligations related to the management of directing those programs, specifically assisting with basic student management, minor clerical work, supporting volunteers, providing student transportation, and assisting with managing logistics and programs taking place in the building.  The hours for this position will range between 2:00 pm to 7:45 pm, Monday – Thursday.
    • Demonstrated a passion for expanding educational opportunities for low-income students
    • Leadership experience at school or work or outside of school or work
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills
    • Experience managing, leading, or teaching middle and/or high school aged children preferred
    • A willingness to learn, receive feedback, and work on a team
    • NOTE: All candidates must consent to a formal background check performed at a state and national level
    Primary Responsibilities:
    •Collaborate with Director and Program Director to support overall programmatic vision
    •Assist with managing and supporting volunteer teachers
    •Assist with managing, leading, and mentoring students
    •Manage and lead all lunch and meal time partnerships and supplies with Director of Operations
    •Drive the Freedom Project van for programming pick-ups and drop-offs
    Other: There are many “others” in a small nonprofit, every day is exciting and challenging.
    Apply: All application materials should be submitted to 
    Subject line: MFP Part Time Programs Application

  • JOB TITLE: Supervising Agent
    Hours: Flexible schedule
    Company: Global Life Insurance
    Description: Sales management.
    Apply: Schedule a virtual interview by email or text. Email or by text 205.239.3229.
  • JOB TITLE: Sales
    Company: RNR Tire Express
    Description: Are you a highly motivated, self-starter person with natural enthusiasm, people skills and problem solving skills?
    Salary: $12/hour plus commission

    If yes, then this position is perfect for you.

    RNR is driven with a family culture and environment. We work with a passion and have tons of fun in the process.

    As a Sales Representative you'll be responsible for dealing with customers, answering queries, selling goods, handling payments and making sure that our products are attractively displayed. The Sales Representative will also be expected to create sales goals and forecast future sales projections while continually looking for ways to increase sales and improve efficiency and customer service, as well as monitoring competitors and training staff.
    * Full Time
    * Great Benefits
    * Pay plus Commission

    Customer Service / Sales Rep Requirements / Responsibilities
    * Making sure that your store meets sales targets / goals
    * Running promotions
    * Managing stock levels
    * Reviewing all Sales Rental Orders for compliance and approval
    * Analyzing sales figures
    * Create goals and sales strategies
    * Contacting all prospects daily from prior interests with RNR
    * Forecasting future sales
    * Dealing with customer service opportunities
    * Maintain competitor sales and promotions knowledge
    * Training store associates
    * Bilingual is highly desirable.

    Other Requirements:
    Valid State Driver License with a clean driving history
    We conduct drug screen, & background check
    Apply: Call or text store manager at 228.697.7307
  • Job Title: Customer Service Representative
    Company: GO Finance, LLC
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
    Description: Good clerical skills, computer skills and a good work ethic.
    Apply: Resumes emailed to
  • Job Title: Front Desk Agent
    Company: Super 8 by Windham
    Hours: Must be flexible afternoon and evening, 3-10pm or 11pm / evening to night shift 10pm or 11pm to 7am.
    Description: Computer skills, communication skills, customer service skills.
    Apply: In person at location, Super 8 by Wyndham, 124 Hwy 11 & 80 E, Meridian.