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Term II

Term II Classes

October 14-December 7
ACC2223-8A2 *Princ. of Acct. II Roberts
ART1113-8A2 Art Appreciation Nicholson-Taylor
BIO1613-8A2 *Nutrition Brown
BIO2511-8A2 *Lab, Anatomy & Physiology I Chance
BIO2513-8A2 *Anatomy & Physiology I Chance
BIO2521-8A2 *Lab, Anatomy & Physiology II  Vayda
BIO2523-8A2 *Anatomy & Physiology II Vayda
BIO2924-8A2 *Microbiology w/lab Stettner
CSC1123-8A2 *Computer Applications I Mosley
 CO2123-8A2 *Princ. of Microeconomics Mosley
EPY2523-8A2 *Adolescent Psych STAFF
EPY2533-8A2 *Human Growth & Develop Wright
ENG1113-8A2 English Comp I Kelly
ENG1123-8A2 English Comp II SLAY
HPR1213-8A2 *Pers & Comm Health Lewis
HPR1313-8A2 Kin,Health, PE, Rec. Pickett
HPR1593-8A2 *Health Concep Phys Act/Well Lewis
HPR2213-8A2 First Aid and CPR Lewis
HPR2323-8A2 Recreational Leadership Haralson
HIS1163-8A2 *World Civilization I Parkes
HIS1173-8A2 *World Civilization II Gunn
HIS2223-8A2 *American (US) History II Reeves
LLS1321-8A2 Career Exploration Parkes,S.
MAT1233-8A2 *Intermediate Algebra Clymer
MAT1313-8A2 *College Algebra Williams
MAT1313-8A2 *College Algebra Williams
MAT1323-8A2 *Trigonometry Holladay
MAT2323-8A2 *Statistics Rainer
MUS1113-8A2 *Music Appreciation Altman
PSY1513-8A2 *General Psychology Graham
SOC2113-8A2 *Intro. to Sociology I Coward
SOC2143-8A2 *Marriage and Family Coward
SPT 2233-8A2 *Theater Appreciation Reinstatler

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