Eagle Alert

Emergency Notification System
Meridian Community College utilizes the Eagle Alert Text/Email Messaging System for emergency notifications.

Eagle Alert is designed to use mass email and text messaging to provide MCC students, faculty and staff with information about unscheduled school closings and/or any emergency/crises affecting the campus. We feel confident the Eagle Alert system will be a useful tool in allowing individual notifications in a relatively short period. Our aim to keep our students, faculty and staff safe should ever the need occur.

There are multiple ways to sign up.

  • Sign up for Eagle Alerts by texting "EagleAlert" to 95577. We use this to communicate with our followers in emergencies like severe weather warnings.
  • Or students may wish to receive notifications thru EagleNet email addresses.
  • Students may choose to receive text message notifications and/or “non EagleNet” email notifications as well. To receive notification thru these additional means individuals must:
  1. Log on to EAGLENET home page.
  2. Look Under the heading Emergency/Campus Police.
  3. Click on the first link called "EAGLE ALERT - Click to Register for Emergency Alert texts or emails from MCC."
  4. For text messages, individuals must provide their cell phone number and choose their cell phone service provider. (Note: Text messages can result in an additional cost depending on an individual's wireless phone plan.)
  5. For "non EagleNet" email (for example, work or personal), individuals must provide an email address.

It is your responsibility to ensure that information provided is accurate and up to date.

For more informationFor more information: 
Sander Atkinson, associate dean of student services