Social Science and Business


The Social Science Division of Meridian Community College offers about people, their social and cultural heritage and their behavior. These subjects are important to being successful in any profession or vocation, and the contribute to the quality of lives.

Most Social Science classes may be applied toward baccalaureate majors in American studies, anthropology, community service, economics, education, ethnic studies, general social science, geography, history, law, law enforcement, corrections, philosophy, political science and more.

CRJ 1313Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRJ 1323Police Administration and Organization3
CRJ 1353Practicum in Criminal Justice3
CRJ 1363Introduction to Corrections3
CRJ 1383Criminology3
CRJ 2513Juvenile Justice3
ECO 2113Economics I (Macroeconomics)3
ECO 2123Economics II (Microeconomics)3
GEO 1123Principles of Geography3
HIS 1113Western Civilization I3
HIS 1123Western Civilization II3
HIS 1163World Civilization I3
HIS 1173World Civilization II3
HIS 1613African-American Studies3
HIS 2213American History to 18653
HIS 2223American History since 18653
PSC 1113American Federal Government3
PSC 1123American State and Local Government3
PSY 1513General Psychology3
PSY 2113Laboratory in Psychology: Cognition & Behavior3
SOC 1113Introduction to Social Science3