The Mathematics Department at Meridian Community College is dedicated to offering the highest quality educational experience. Whether it is onsite or online, we have the class for you.

The Math courses offered at MCC, you'll learn important math basics like Beginning Algebra, Finite Mathematics, Calculus and Real Number System, Geometry, Quantitative Reasoning and Statistics. Our Math department prepares a student for transferring to a four-year institution.

MAT 0123Beginning Algebra3
MAT 1233Intermediate Algebra3
MAT 1313College Algebra3
MAT 1323Trigonometry3
MAT 1333Finite Mathematics3
MAT 1513Business Calculus3
MAT 1523Business Calculus II3
MAT 1613Calculus I3
MAT 1623Calculus II3
MAT 1723Real Number System3
MAT 1733Geometry, Measurement and Probability3
MAT 1743Problem Solving with Real Numbers3
MAT 1753Quantitative Reasoning3
MAT 2113Introduction to Linear Algebra3
MAT 2613Calculus III3
MAT 2623Calculus IV3
MAT 2913Differential Equations3