Language and Literature


The Language and Literature Division at MCC is dedicated to serving our campus and community!  We offer a variety of Spanish, composition, literature, and philosophy courses.  Whether you are currently enrolled in our college or thinking about taking a few courses to brush up your skills, we are here to help you!

The English department holds a creative writing contest each year for both high school students and community members.

ENG 0123English and Reading Lab 21
ENG 0123Intermediate English and Reading3
ENG 0124Intermediate English and Reading with Lab4
ENG 1113English Composition I3
ENG 1123English Composition II3
ENG 2133Creative Writing3
ENG 2143Creative Writing II3
ENG 2153Traditional Grammer3
ENG 2223American Literature I3
ENG 2233American Literature II3
ENG 2323British Literature I3
ENG 2333British Literature I3
ENG 2423British Literature II3
ENG 2423World Literature I3
ENG 2433World Literature II3
MFL 1113French I3
MFL 1123French II3
MFL 1213Spanish I3
MFL 1213/1223Spanish I & II6
MFL 1223Spanish II3
MFL 1313German I3
MFL 1323German II3
MFL 2113French III3
MFL 2123French IV3
MFL 2213Spanish III3
MFl 2213/2223Spanish III & IV6
MFL 2223Spanish IV3
MFL 2243Conversational Spanish I3
MFL 2253Conversational Spanish II3
MFL 2613Foreign Language Study Abroad3
PHI 1113Old Testament Survey3
PHI 1133New Testament Survey3
PHI 1153Jesus and the Gospels3
PHI 1163Acts and the Epistles3
PHI 2113Introduction to Philosophy I3
PHI 2613World Religions I3