Wellness and Fitness



The Wellness and Fitness Division at MCC course offerings include Personal and Community Health, Introduction to Physical Education, Lifeguarding and Water Safety, Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries, Nutrition and Wellness, Sports Appreciation, and First Aid and CPR. MCC offers a wide variety of fitness classes, too. Swimming, water aerobics, toning and conditioning, yoga, pilates, and weight lifting are some of the classes that help promote a healthy lifestyle.

HPR 1111Swimming I Non-Swimmers1
HPR 1111Beginning Tennis1
HPR 1121Swimming II Beginners1
HPR 1121Intermediate Tennis1
HPR 1131Varsity Sports1
HPR 1141Varsity Sports1
HPR 1213Personal & Community Health I3
HPR 1223Personal & Community Health II3
HPR 1313Introduction to Health, Physical Education and Recreation3
HPR 1511Team Sports I1
HPR 1521Team Sports II1
HPR 1531Weight Training1
HPR 1531Beginning Bowling1
HPR 1532SCUBA Diving2
HPR 1541Weight Training II1
HPR 1541Intermediate Bowling1
HPR 1551Water Aerobics1
HPR 1551Jogging/Fitness Walking I1
HPR 1561Hydro-Fit (Deep Water Aerobics)1
HPR 1561Jogging/Fitness Waking II1
HPR 1561Fitness Conditioning Training in Body Sculpting and Fitness Conditioning/ Strength and Toning1
HPR 1592Health Concepts of Physical Education2
HPR 1711Sports Appreciation1
HPR 1751Nutrition and Wellness I 1
HPR 1761Nutrition and Wellness II1
HPR 2111Swimming III1
HPR 2121Swimming IV1
HPR 2131Varsity Sports III1
HPR 2141Varsity Sports IV1
HPR 2213First Aid and CPR3
HPR 2222Lifeguarding and Water Safety2
HPR 2233Water Safety Instructor3
HPR 2323Recreational Leadership3
HPR 2412Individual and Team Sports Officiating I2
HPR 2433Basketball Theory3
HPR 2453Baseball Theory3
HPR 2511Team Sports III1
HPR 2521Team Sports IV1
HPR 2531Pilates1
HPR 2541Yoga1
HPR 2551Step Aerobics1
HPR 2561Fitness, Conditioning, Training in Cardio1
HPR 2571Dance III (Zumba II)1
HPR 2723Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries3