First Year
First Semester 
IMM 1113Industrial Maintenance Core & Safety3
IMM 1214Introduction to Industrial Maintenance4
IMM 1153Electrical Industrial Maintenance I3
ELT 1133Industrial Maintenance Blueprint Reading3
PPV 1813Rigging and Signaling3
 Semester Totalc
Second Semester 
IMM 1163Electrical Industrial Maintenance II3
IMM 1243Mechanical Industrial Maintenance I3
IMM 1253Mechanical Industrial Maintenance II3
ELT  1143AC and DC Circuits3
IMM 1734Maintenance Welding and Metals4
 Semester Total16
Second Year
First Semester
IMM 2214Advanced Electrical for Industrial Maintenance4
IMM 2224Advanced Mechanical for Industrial Maintenance4
IMM 2613Programmable Logic Controllers3
IMM 1614Principles of Piping & Hydro-Testing4
IMM 1911Elective-Supervised Work Experience1
 Semester Hours16
Second Semester 
IMM 2114Equipment Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair4
IMM 1235Precision Machining Operations5
IMM 2424Solid State Motor Control4
INT 1113Fundamentals of Instrumentation3
INT 1921Elective-Supervised Work Experience1
 Semester Hours17
 Total Semester Hours65