Adult Education/HSE



The Adult Education (AE) Program provides adults the opportunity to develop and build the basic skills necessary to function more effectively as members of society through improved educational skills, English language acquisition, high school equivalency completion, work-force readiness, and transitional skills for post-secondary education. To be competitive in today’s work environment, it is essential that individuals prepare themselves in a multitude of areas (math, reading, writing, communication, teamwork, computer skills, etc.).  In the AE Program, students will receive the instruction needed to establish a solid foundation in these skills and abilities.  Services are provided at no cost (with the exception of HSE Testing) to the students and are provided in a variety of formats that include group instruction, individualized instruction, and technology-aided instruction.  The AE Program is housed in the Ralph E. Young, Jr. Center for Adult Basic Education. 

The Adult Education Program is funded by a federal grant that is overseen by the Mississippi Community College Board.