When do I have to have my application and deposit turned in?
There is not a date to have them turned in. MCC housing is based on first come, first served. We will not process your application until we have received your deposit. We are usually full during the fall term, so it is advised that you have your deposit and application in before June.

I want a one-bedroom apartment or a private room.
There are a limited number of one-bedroom apartments, so they are usually given to returning students who have requested them well in advance.  During the fall semester we are usually full, so we do not have any private rooms to give.

When do I have to pay for housing?
Full housing payment is due before you check in. Even if you think you are receiving grants or scholarships, you are still responsible to make sure these fees are paid prior to your arrival.

Will my scholarships and grants pay for housing?
How you pay for housing is your responsibility. You are responsible for meeting with Financial Aid and the Business Office for all financial information.

Cost for a semester sounds expensive to live Campus Housing.
Breakdown of costs:  meal plan; rent, utilities, laundry- includes electricity, water, and free use of laundry facilities. The dorms also have free cable in rooms. Residents of College Crossing Apartments are responsible for their own cable through Comcast. You are also in walking distance of many activities and easy access to all of the campus. You don't even need a vehicle. There are quite a few stores within walking distance of campus housing.

How many credit hours do I have to be enrolled in?
All housing students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours at all time throughout the semester to stay in housing. If a student drops below 12 credit hours, he/she will be dismissed from housing.

If I send in my deposit and then decide not to stay in MCC housing, how can I get it back?
You must speak with the Director of Housing to fill out proper forms. These forms are given to the Business Office where a check will be issued in the student's name and mailed to the address on file, unless other arrangements are made.

Is there a curfew?
There is not a curfew. Thornton Hall and Eagle Hall lobby doors (all outside doors) are locked at 11pm Sunday - Thursday and midnight on Friday and Saturday. However, housing students may leave as they please. If doors are locked upon returning, resident may have someone let them into the dorm. Guests are allowed in the lobbies and common housing areas until 11pm during the week and midnight on the weekends. After these hours there is to be no loitering!

Is there married housing, or can I bring my children?
No. MCC does not provide married housing. All apartments and rooms are shared by members of the same sex. Children are not allowed to stay in student housing for any reason.

What if my best friend of the opposite sex from out of town wants to stay for a night or the weekend?
No. At College Crossing you may have guests of the opposite sex during visiting hours only. The dorms allow visitors of the opposite sex in the main lobby only.