Academic Fresh Start Policy
Some students, who have not attended MCC for at least four semesters (not including summer terms), may be faced with a deficit in quality points and a low GPA because of their prior academic record. Sometimes the deficit in earlier grades is such that it prevents these students from graduating.  The Declaration of Academic Fresh Start Policy addresses this situation.

Upon written request via the Declaration of Academic Fresh Start form and subsequent approval, a student’s previous grades at MCC may be eliminated from consideration in calculating the local GPA for graduation purposes. 

The guidelines are:

  1. Academic Fresh Start is defined as the elimination from consideration of all instructional (academic/career and technical) work completed at MCC prior to the point of re-enrollment for the purpose of calculating local GPA and assessing graduation status except for designated  saved credits up to a maximum of 15 semester hours. Once Academic Fresh Start has been declared, discounted work will not be considered toward calculating local GPA from that date forward except for approved saved credits.  No grades will be removed from the student’s academic record.
  2.  A student who is granted Academic Fresh Start will be allowed to save or bring forward a maximum of 15 semester hours to be used toward graduation requirements.  The decision as to which classes will be saved and carried forward must be made at the time Academic Fresh Start is declared.  Credit will be awarded for the saved courses and the actual grades earned will be included in GPA calculations.
  3. A minimum of four semesters (not including summer terms) must have lapsed from the end of the most recent semester of enrollment at MCC prior to the Academic Fresh Start declaration.
  4. The student must complete a Declaration of Academic Fresh Start form with an advisor and the advisor will then submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office.
  5. Academic Fresh Start can be declared only once at MCC.
  6. Students will be advised that other colleges/universities to which they may transfer may or may not honor the change in GPA resulting from a Declaration of Academic Fresh Start.
  7. Students who have had more than one four-semester lapse between periods of enrollment may elect to declare Academic Fresh Start for one or more of those periods, provided that once the Academic Fresh Start is established, it will apply to all enrollments prior to that time.
  8. Students who are approved for Academic Fresh Start will be eligible for academic honors and membership in Phi Theta Kappa provided their subsequent GPA qualifies them for such honors.

Admission Appeals
An admission/placement decision by the Director of Admissions may be appealed to the Dean of Student Services.  An appeal of an Admissions Committee decision regarding placement in a specific education program or a ruling by the Dean of Student Services may be appealed to a Faculty Committee approved by the Vice President for Operations.  A ruling of the Faculty Committee may be appealed to the President of MCC.  The President’s ruling is final.

Transient Students
Transfer students who wish to attend Meridian Community College for a single semester and then return to their former institution are classified as transient students. Transient students must complete the Application for Admission and submit official transcripts of their high school and college work. Placement scores may be necessary, depending on the courses in which the transient student plans to enroll.

Non-degree and Audit Registration

Non-degree Admission
A student who takes courses for credit, but who is not currently seeking a degree from MCC will be classified as a non-degree student. Courses for non-degree students will be transcripted, as they are for a degree-seeking student, and regular tuition will be charged. These students must submit the same admission documents as degree-seeking students:

  • A completed Application for Admission.
  • An official high school transcript from a high school accredited by a state or regional accrediting agency. This transcript must show the date of graduation and the high-school principal’s signature. A student may present a GED diploma or transcript or a high school diploma in lieu of a high school transcript.
  • Placement scores may be necessary for course or program placement.
  • Official transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended. Students who have earned a college-degree or who have completed 15 transferrable credit hours of college course work are not required to submit a high school diploma or transcript.

Audit Registration
Although MCC admits students as degree or non- degree status, a student may register for a college, credit-bearing course for personal enrichment or enjoyment without earning college credit. In these cases, the student is classified as a credit (CR) to audit (AU) registered student. If a student is only registered for audit course work and is not concurrently register for any other college courses for credit the student need only to submit:

  • A completed Application for Admission.
  • A completed “Credit to Audit Change Form” for each course. A student registered in a college credit class for audit (AU) may change from audit (AU) to credit (CR) status. However, the student must submit to the Records office a completed “Audit to Credit Change Form” as well as provide the Admissions office the same admissions documents as a degree or non-degree seeking student.

Students should note that financial aid is not available for credit courses taken for audit (AU). For more information on audit coursework, see the audit coursework policy within the academic section of the catalog.

Withdrawing from MCC
To withdraw from any or all courses (including online courses) at MCC, students should complete the “Request to be Dropped from a Class” form found on Eaglenet. Withdrawal from all courses after the second week through the 14th week of the semester results in the student receiving a grade of “W” in each class. Withdrawal after the 14th week will result in the student receiving the grade earned in the class in accordance with the grading policy as published in the “First Day Handout” for the course.