Who is my Advisor?

Picture of Lori McClain

Lori McClain

University Transfer Advisor lmcclain@meridiancc.edu

Picture of Anna Hall

Anna Hall

Health Education Advisor ahall4@meridiancc.edu

Picture of Deborah Nettles

Deborah Nettles

Workforce Education/ Retention Advisor (Industrial Division & Cosmetology) dnettle1@meridiancc.edu

Ginger Crawford

Evening Coordinator gcrawfor@meridiancc.edu

Picture of Ronnie Key

Ronnie Key

University Transfer Advisor rkey1@meridiancc.edu

Picture of Heather Cooksey

Heather Cooksey

Asso. Degree Nursing Advisor hcookse1@meridiancc.edu

Picture of Valerie Creel

Valerie Creel

Workforce Education Advisor (Business & EMS Division) vcreel@meridiancc.edu