Frozen, Jr. Cast

Young Elsa – Hannah Boyette
Young Anna – Lauren Broome
Middle Elsa – Piper Gonzalez
Middle Anna – Avrie Boles
Elsa – Mary Margaret Freeman
Anna – Reah Clymer
King Agnarr – Thomas Grayson
Queen Iduna – Nala Nathan
Pabbie Maggie Freeman
Bulda – Sydney Stokes
Bishop – Nathan Metcalf
Kristoff – Patrick Martin
Sven – Natalie Wilson
Hans – MaKagan Massengill
Weselton– Daylon Horton
Olaf – Jillian Goodman
Oaken Lucas Vandenburg

This group acts and sings (including lines, solos and duets) For the First Time in Forever

Housekeeper – Camryn Walker
Handmaiden – Alanna Summerford
Cook – Annessa Hopson
Staff – Chris Collis, Noah Garner
Butler – Max Hodgins

Townspeople Speakers for Love is Open Door (Ice Strike)
Jasmine Walker, Evan Grace Branstetter, Sydney Stokes, Noah Garner, Berta Soules

“Summer” Chorus helps Olaf’s dream come to life. Fun characters who act and sing with Olaf in this crowd favorite
Kyley Griffith, Libby Smith, Camryn Walker, Nala Nathan, Anessa Hopson, AlannaSummerford, Noah Garner, Chris Collis, Braydon Alford

Oaken’s Family is a ray of sunshine in the dark, cold mountainside. This family really embodies that “hygge” feeling! Movement, Speaking lines & Solos
Arlyn Grace Sanders, Ryan Johnson, Talenda Miller, Joslyn Broome, Max Hodgins, Thomas Grayson, Jasmine Walker, Evan Grace Branstetter

Townspeople Speakers Search Party on the Mountain Path (TBD in rehearsal)

Hidden Folk Kristoff’s adoptive family who want to “fix him up” with Anna. Energetic song with Bulda & Pabbie (Solos, Movement, and Attitude) Sydney Stokes, Lexie Watson, Hayley Hutchinson, Avrie Boles, Lauren Broome, Nathan Metcalf, Piper Gonzalez, Brayden Alford, Chris Collis

Townspeople Speakers Colder by the Minute Blizzard at Castle (TBD in rehearsal)


Townspeople/Chorus singing and movement throughout show. Below are some specific subgroups:

  • Opening/Spring Chorus Everyone
  • Snow Chorus/Dancers
  • This group sings harmony and personifies the ice and snow. Sing with Anna and Elsa in
  • all “snow” songs from childhood on Later manipulated by Elsa.
  • Mallory Claire Leake, (Hannah Boyette), Gracie McDonald, Jaycee Sloan, Anna Claire Grayson, Shelby Robison

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