STEAM is a pre-college and career enrichment program developed for highly motivated and talented teens ages 13 - 17 years.

  • * Word Painting – Richelle Putnam
    Art, music, and creative writing! Art forms like painting, drawing, decoupage, and origami will make your works come alive. Analyzing photos and art images, students interpret a moment in time through story and poetry. Create new lyrics to slip into the melody of their favorite song or original music.
  • * Art in Science – Audrey Shirley
    Let your creativity come alive as we incorporate art into the study of science. Students will create projects based on their studies of natural dyes, fractals, sound production, chromatography, and crystallography.
  • * Off the Saw – Carpentry/Woodworking – Myke Shirley
    This introduction to carpentry will teach about the tools needed and safety precautions necessary to prevent injury. Students will make a duck call and other projects while learning the function and safe use of major woodworking tools such as the tables saw, jointer, planer, and drill press.
  • * Games & Apps: 3D Modeling for Animation – Daniel Ethridge
    Join the engaging world of entertainment and enrichment! Learn the principles of developing 3d models and characters that can be used in gaming platforms and animation for movies and television. We will model alien worlds, and build very own custom fully rigged 3d characters.
  • * Titans of CNC Academy (Precision Machining) – Brian Warren
    If you like working with computers and computerized automation in addition to having the ability to troubleshoot, design, and work in a technical environment this class is for you. Learn about great careers operating and programing large industrial robots known as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines.
  • * Marine Biology – Bob Sample, Ph.D.
    Have you ever wondered about what lives under the waves? If so, this STEAM experience will introduce you to the amazing world of a Marine Biologist. Dive in and learn about the creatures and get the opportunity to try scuba with our resident instructor.
  • * Mad Science – Lori Anderson
    Watch things explode, grow and change colors right before your eyes! We will transform laboratory science into a fun, interactive learning experience.
  • * Robotics – Stacey Carlisle
    Fun, engaging and hands-on… we will explore the history of robotics, configuration, and construction of a robotic arm. Learn elements of maintenance and troubleshooting robot applications.
  • * NASA Astro Camp – Angie Carraway & Valerie Bishop
    Students will engage in activities that capitalize on NASA’s unique assets, content, and methodology to expose the next generation of explorers to STEM career possibilities aligned with NASA’s Mission Directives. Explore flight, earth/solar system, humans in space and Mission Moon to Mars.