All About Animals
Experience the fun of creatures big and small. Learn the care and respect that every animal needs. Make friends with hamsters, kittens, bunnies, ponies and alligators! And if you would like you can even milk a cow. Mooo!

Art Made Easely
Paint a different canvas each day. The instructor will guide you stroke by stroke through each project.

Learn the skills to help you dribble, pass, shoot and master offensive and defensive plays. Upgrade your game with the basic fundamentals and enjoy the game of basketball!
8:30 class - AGES 6 - 9   |   10:30 class - AGES 10 & UP

Cake Decorating
Learn the proper way to frost and decorate a cake. Create borders, flowers and other imaginative designs.

Camp Create
Create many different crafts and enjoy many different art forms. Some examples are self-portraits, painting, picture frames and more.

Cheer USA
Cheer your favorite team to V-I-C-T-O-R-Y with the latest sideline cheers, stunts and pom routines.

Clay Sculpture
Do you like to work with your hands, design, and paint? Let your imagination take off as you mold, build and add detail in this three-dimensional class.

Cooking for Fun*
Let us take you on a culinary adventure. You will learn to be a chef. STEAM class. 8:30 class - AGES 6 - 9  |  10:30 class - AGES 10 & UP

Crack the Code
Want to have the experience of an escape room? Work with others using learned skills along with communication and leadership to solve a series of puzzles. Once you solve the mystery, you will break IN to a locked box. Can you crack the code?

Creepy Crawly Creatures
Explore the world of insects. Learn how insects see, eat and live. Begin your own insect collection and experience the outdoors. STEAM class.

Crowns, Gowns, Runways
2nd week only. Make-up, hair, clothing, the walk, the turn, and more. Get ready to walk the runway or win a crown!

Drama Kids!
Get ready to take the stage. Script reading, auditions, costumes, diction exercises... all of this and more will prepare you for the big performance. Present a short play on the final day of class.

Football 101
Learn the basics of football, offense and defense. Hone the skills needed to play the game with agility and quickness. This class will be non-contact.

Fossils: Dig It!
Fossils, dinosaurs, buried treasure...learn what it’s like to be a paleontologist. STEAM class.



Gaming & Apps
1st week only Don’t just play games. Create your own. Explore game design and coding apps. STEAM class. AGES 8 & UP

Go Van Gogh!
Develop your artistry as you learn basic drawing techniques and painting skills. Create your masterpiece.

Learn the parts of the guitar, finger boarding, the use of strings and tuning keys. You will learn to play several songs. Tuned guitar required. AGES 8 & UP

Garden Delights*
Learn the joy of working with your hands and developing a beautiful garden. Paint pots, plant seeds and bulbs and learn basic gardening techniques. Class sponsored by VanZyverden.

Learn golf skills, strategies, ways to enhance stance, swing and proper use of woods and irons.

Hair, Nails & More!
Learn about hair care, basic manicures and pedicures, and the proper shades of make-up.

Hip Hop/Contemporary Dance
Learn all the latest dance moves performed in all your favorite music videos.

Jewelry Just For Fun
Learn to make friendship bracelets and necklaces, hair wraps, beaded bracelets, earrings, chokers and anklets for yourself or a friend.

Jr. Firefighter Academy*
Learn the duties and responsibilities of a fireman or a firewoman. Sponsored by the Meridian Fire Department.

Jr. Police Academy*
Learn the duties and responsibilities of a law enforcement officer. Class sponsored by Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.

LEGO® Mania!
Do you want to build a skyscraper or an entire village? All of you aspiring engineers and contractors should join the fun of building with LEGOs and your imagination. STEAM class.

Mad Science
Meet me in the lab! Experiment with making lots of crazy concoctions. Make gruesome goo, monster bubbles, and an active volcano. Learn that science is fun. STEAM class.
1st week - AGES 6 - 9
2nd week - AGES 10 & UP

Magic Show/Balloon Art
Abracadabra! Learn clever and mind boggling magic tricks. Be creative and enjoy the fun of balloon creativity.

Build a project while discussing and explaining the operation of the robot. Learn how to solder components on a printed circuit board. AGES 8 & UP

Energy Zone: Off to the Races
Explore force, energy, and motion. Hands-on activities. Build K’nex® cars and race. Special visit from Mississippi Power lineman and power truck. STEAM class.




Making It! Radical Home Ec
Make cool decor for your room. Learn it all- sewing, cooking, etiquette and more!

Marine Biology: Under the Sea
1st week only. Immerse yourself in the excitement of discovery and exploration of the sea and all its creatures. Ready to take the plunge? STEAM class.

Experience hands-on fun using models and hospital equipment while learning the everyday practices of a nurse.
STEAM class.

Pony Tales
This is horses 101. Learn everything that there is to know about horses. Grooming, tack and riding.

Make and package bath and body products using all-natural recipes. Make body scrub, bath balls, lip gloss, lotion and hand salve from scratch. Enjoy a spa experience. STEAM class.

Training in martial arts. Improve focus, fitness and flexibility. Learn life skills to build confidence and character.

Tech Kids
Want to learn about computers and programming? Have fun building your own Raspberry PI computer and learn about other projects with Raspberry PIs. STEAM class.

Learn and practice basic grips, forehand and backhand strokes, how to serve and volley. Bring your own racket and wear tennis shoes.

Wacky Sports
Be a part of fun physical activities that teach individual and team-building skills. Not your regular sports-these are all WACKY!

Students will build a project while learning skills in carpentry and using the various tools required of carpenters. STEAM class.

ZOOM: Rocket Science
Build your very own rocket.
Learn scientific facts about rockets and how they work. You will LAUNCH your rocket! STEAM class.