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Purpose Statement: Our number one goal at Meridian is success on the field and in the classroom. When you bring it all together you have a formula that equals success.
That is who we are.


Achievements: The men’s team have won 8 Region 23 Champions and not to mention a Division I National Championship. The Lady Eagles posted three back to back State and Regional Championships in 2007, 2008, and 2009.


Perks of the Program:

  • Winning tradition. Every good player wants to go to a program where there is tradition. We have that here.
  • Each player is equipped with the very best NIKE apparel.
  • Great competition versus many out-of-state and in-state opponents.
  • Top quality facilities such as our new locker rooms which offers 30 lockers for each team and only a few feet from the soccer pitch.


  1. Meridian Community College is centrally located to several premier Universities
    Mississippi State: 80 miles
    Alabama: 90 miles
    Ole Miss: 160 miles
    Auburn: 100 miles
    Southern Miss: 80 miles
  2. We have an athletic graduation rate of 96%. Best in the STATE!
  3. Our facilities and field are ranked among the premier programs in the nation.
  4. We have received the Halbrook Award recognizing the highest athlete graduation rate among all of the state junior colleges.
  5. We assist our athletes in scheduling classes and we monitor their performance.


New Soccer locker room facility that houses both the men's and women's soccer teams!